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CFO Magazine: Creative Tablet Publishing

CFO magazine offers stories, news, and information specifically for financial executives. Readers of this niche magazine might find information on the latest accounting standards, risk management, and professional career development. If the content is not your cup of tea, the creative tablet publishing certainly should be! When users open this app, they are presented with … Read More »


MyMamy’s staffers have used mag+’s tablet-publishing platform to bring their magazine for parents to life. The free, Polish-based magazine gives parents the opportunity to be in the know! It features interactive elements and lets parents keep up on the modern and stylish trends. MyMamy features interviews with famous parents and gives expectant mothers as well …

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What Was British Journal of Photography Looking for in a Tablet Publishing Platform?

Marc Hartog, Group Publisher at Incisive Media, about what they were looking for when choosing tablet publishing platform for British Journal of Photography’s iPad app. Read More »

Popular Science Creates Digital Bellyband for Its Tablet Edition

Foliomag.com, by Billy Mickey, 8 Oct, 2012

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