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Short on time or need some extra guidance? The professional services and product support options below will get your mobile application up and running in no time!


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Professional Services

  • Managed App Submission (MAS)$1,499 for initial marketplace

    You finish your first issue and help page. You open a developer account with the marketplace(s) of your choice. We then send you a list of needed assets (icons, loading screens, etc.), and we will build your app in mag+ Publish, send you a test app to review, and, when you sign off, submit your app to the marketplace of your choice. We can build and submit your app to additional marketplaces for $999 each.

    Apps must still go through standard marketplace approval processes, but we will correct any mag+ Software bugs to promote app approval. We cannot be responsible for any content-related rejections.

  • Guided Managed App Submission $1,999 per marketplace

    For an additional $500 per marketplace, we will schedule a one-hour* private screenshare with your team and walk you through the app build and submission process. This is a great option if you plan to create multiple apps and want to see the complete process once from beginning to end so you can later replicate the steps on your own.

    *To be scheduled during normal business hours.

  • Managed App Update (MAU) $999 per marketplace, per update

    Want to update your existing app to the latest mag+ Software version, add Newsstand functionality, or swap out your navigation graphics? For $999 per marketplace, let us know what updates you would like made to your app shell, and we will make the changes, generate a new build, get your approval, and submit the new version on your behalf. We will submit your app update to additional marketplaces for $749 per marketplace.

    To clarify, “app shell” refers to the content container that is created on your publishing site and submitted to the desired marketplace. This service does not include content creation or updates.

  • Managed Issue Update $499 per Issue (includes any/all marketplaces)

    For $499 per issue, we will get your in-app purchase tokens preapproved in the marketplaces of your choosing, create your new issue on your mag+ Publish site, upload your completed MIB files (if you choose to host with us), and push your issue live after you give the thumbs-up.

    This service does not include any content creation or edits.


Product Support

  • Private Support Screenshare $499 per hour

    Schedule a one-hour* personal screenshare with one of the mag+ support team members to ask any questions about using the mag+ Software or building and submitting your app.

    *To be scheduled during normal business hours.

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