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Mobile App Consulting Services
with mag+ Strategy

Success in mobile publishing starts with having the right plan. Let our consulting arm, mag+ Strategy, help you find the right mobile products, content and marketing for your brand. With more than five years in the mobile publishing game, we’ve helped hundreds of companies build winning mobile content strategies.


Among the areas we can assist you with:

  • Communicating how your organization can leverage mobile publishing to achieve top level business goals.
  • Setting up KPIs and milestones for measuring the success of your digital publishing project.
  • Developing monetization and marketing strategies that work to drive engagement
  • Identifying the actions your organization can take to succeed in mobile publishing
  • Instituting the best technical implementation, including custom development and production
  • Setting up the most efficient workflow and production with your existing resources

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Please get in touch for any sales- or partner-related matters. A member of our sales team will contact you within twenty-four hours (weekdays).

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