Book Publishing Software and its Functions

The right book publishing software is all that you need to make your writing worthwhile and rejoice with a powerful online existence. Wondering how?   Starting right from drafting the first document to the fruitful results of digital publication, the book publishing software provides all the tools to make the publication process way more effective, … READ MORE »

Looking for innovative application of technology? mag+ is your answer !

The moment we talk about the impacts of technology on our lives, what pops up instantly? Well, I get the answer if I look around.   Yes, you too guessed it right. Mobile phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices exist all around us. Be it the workplace, home, tourist spot, they are present everywhere irrespective … READ MORE »

mag+ is the right choice to publish your digital magazine, know how.

Have you compiled all your content and decided to publish the digital magazine? Great! After all the hurdles and endless hours of thinking, you are now all set to launch your digital magazine. Once determined, you’re halfway there.   Now another important question arises- How to publish?   Well, to make a strong impact on … READ MORE »

App Store Optimization in 11 Steps

Have you launched your app in the marketplace? Kudos!! Are you sure that you have developed an awesome app which is bound to be a superstar amongst the targeted user community? Wait to think again, building an outstanding app alone is not enough. Much more work is still to be done to make your app … READ MORE »

Importance of Optimizing Screen Size

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. They are used by everyone irrespective of age groups, education, and economic status. The number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2018 is 205.4 billion, which is too huge a number to be ignored (Statista). Thus, optimizing for mobile screen sizes is not an … READ MORE »

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Digital Magazine

Social media platforms are no more considered a fad in the marketing world. With the ever-increasing social network user base across the world, they are now seen as potential marketing platforms. Don’t believe me. See the numbers. According to a market research source- • Worldwide marketers experienced the leading benefits of social media and mentioned … READ MORE »

10 reasons why mag+ is the best alternative to Adobe DPS

Adobe has made it clear they are only interested in offering digital publishing software to the big dogs. mag+ loves all dogs (little ones, medium ones, and the big ones!) So if you’re looking for the best alternative to Adobe DPS, the mag+ Designd tool is just what you need. Here are 10 reasons why … READ MORE »

6 Ways to Measure Your Content Marketing Success

You’re committed to a content marketing plan for your business. But you don’t want it to be a waste of time and money. How do you measure your success without spending hours each week pouring over analytics? The important thing to remember when looking at any data is how your goals are -- or aren’t … READ MORE »

Optimize for Screen Size

  Content should be snackable. Design should be simple. As tablets get smaller and phones get bigger, it’s looking like 5.5 to 6 inch screens are the sweet spot for consumers. That means rethinking how you present all the content you originally designed for larger tablets and smaller phones. Here are some content and design …


5 Places to Look for Graphic Design Inspiration

We love nothing more than spending time perusing design eye candy. And when you’ve got a digital magazine to produce, it’s time well spent! Here are five places to get your design fix. Really, each one is a rabbit hole you can fall into and swim in amazing graphic design inspiration. There’s a new book … READ MORE »
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