Key Pointers to Consider Before Publishing a Digital Magazine

Publishing a Digital Magazine

You might have spent hours, days, or maybe months in writing the influential content for the digital magazine. After all that hard work and diligence, now you might be relaxing, taking a backseat and aiming to enjoy the success of your creation. But, wait to think again as there is a lot to do after producing the content and before publishing it online.

It might be the much-awaited magazine which you are sure will make profits and end up being the piece of appreciation amongst your audience. True? Yes obviously, who would ever want or expect the other way. Everybody dreams to be victorious and make the most out of the spent time, efforts, and other valuable resources. But, the digital publishing industry has grown tremendously and as we have often heard ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Thus, in addition to numerous accolades and opportunities, digital magazine publication brings in expectations and challenges. Some of these challenges may be expected beforehand while a few may come as a total surprise. So, be prepared in advance as it requires vigorous planning and hard work to realize the dream of being a successful publisher.

Here are the key pointers that will save you of all the stumbling blocks and pave your path of publishing with flying colors.

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Set clear goals: Before you publish, a clear insight into your goals is what will take you a long way. Invest time and energy in determining your what’s, why’s and how’s. This may include deciding your niche, a detailed study of your target audience, how you are going to cater them differently, future goals, and other relevant questions.
Brainstorm to identify the exact situations faced by the customers and research for the innovative ideas and strategy to reach them with one-of-a-kind magazine content.

Deliver great content: After setting up your goals, pay attention to generating enthralling content tailored to meet your readers’ needs. The distributed content can be only said great when it receives engagement and traffic from the audience. A well-written content needs to be enriched with interactive features like video and infographics. Once you end up writing outstanding content, consider sending it to a good editor who can proofread and enhance the quality with useful suggestions and improvements. To let your content rank higher, adopt various SEO practices. Also, make your content responsive so that it can be seamlessly read across the user devices all over the world.

Choose the right magazine software: It is completely a matter of choice as per the requirements and targets of a publisher. Make sure to indulge in a detailed research to make the best selection as it is going to play a pivotal role all along your self-publishing journey. The right magazine software assists you with excellent design elements that let you connect with your users, allow you to collaborate, extend publishing assistance, and delivers extensive support. Choosing the right software is of utmost importance as it can create all the difference in your content strategy and help you gain loyal customers.

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Utilize robust analytics: Does it make sense if we just keep on publishing and never track the performance of our publication? It’s a resounding no. It is absolutely necessary to keep a close tab on how does or doesn’t a particular event or strategy contributed or not to the success of your magazine. Choose out of numerous proven analytics services like Google Analytics, Localytics, Firebase, and others. With the help of outstanding analytics services, you can determine a number of aspects, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Who opened your magazine?
  • How much time did they spend on a particular page?
  • Retention rate
  • Click through rates, and more
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Extend your presence with multi-platform distribution: Let’s face it, in today’s online world readers want to follow their brands and remain updated with the news, trends, and freshly launched features. To keep your audience well-informed, make your presence on multiple platforms. Create accounts on multiple marketplaces where you want to publish. Not only this, reach out to them through website magazines, app magazines, and various social media channels as well. Make a way to their lives by delivering to existing platforms and emerging digital mediums.

Select appropriate magazine format: Keeping in mind the target platforms where you wish to publish, choose appropriate magazine format. The format should be such that it supports responsive design and numerous interactive features that you aim for, and comes under your budget. Some of the widely used and modern formats include PDF, EPUB, and HTML. With the right magazine platform at your assistance, you can shape up your magazine with all the desired features and attract more readers.

Pay attention to marketing: Let your readers know more about your publication in an innovative manner. Relying just on plain advertising is so old-fashioned. Consider providing free subscriptions over the website magazine or app. Invest time in gathering email list and contacting your audience more often. You may send out weekly emails or maybe monthly emails to remind your customers what all they have to explore and what they can look forward to. Engage more users by leveraging the social media platforms in the best possible ways. Reach them out on Facebook, Instagram, etc and ensure that you showcase the right set of content with respect to your Active Target Group.

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Devise multiple methods for revenue generation: Increase revenue generation by adopting multiple digital monetization techniques. Spend time in native advertising and also sell out designated space to  other service-based brands in your niche. It is a great idea to earn by adding affiliate links to your magazine or writing honest reviews of the related products in the market. Sell out subscriptions to your new magazine editions or timeless issues. Provide valuable information required by the users in the form of blogs, regular newsletters, or videos and allow the users to choose the favourite medium of consuming content.

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Don’t overlook repurposing the evergreen content: There is always some sort of evergreen content we generate. This never becomes outdated or always remains useful to the people out there. Track such content, make minor modifications, update, and distribute all over again across various platforms.

This not only sends out useful information to the target audience but also helps you in gaining the trust of users and maintaining brand value.

You’re ready!

After reading all the above parameters, swing the odds in your favour by adopting the right strategies and dodge the slumping factors. Strike the right balance between your expectations and delivery standards. Once you are sure that your approach matches the current trends and holds the power to stand out in the competitive world.

Stop no more and publish to experience the awaited world of name and fame!

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