Choosing the Right Topic for Your Magazine Articles

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You’re excited about writing an article for your magazine. But…don’t know where to start from. Or you might have an idea but unsure if it’ll gain traction and attract traffic. Sounds familiar? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

And, yeah you’re not alone. So chill and get along.

What you choose to write about creates a huge impact on your content strategy and proves as a determining factor for your magazine’s success. The content needs to be engaging and valuable so as to attract more readers, clicks, and shares. A practical solution to an existing problem, a piece of entertainment, or anything that provides value to the users are preferred choices.

Here, we present a few quick tips to assist you in choosing winning topics for the articles of your magazine.

Recognize your passion

Writing content becomes easy and interesting if it’s about penning down your own passion. Neither one nor two, you may write numerous long-form magazine articles if you’re passionate about the chosen topic. Say you are passionate about marketing, then you may choose to write on topics like the ultimate guide to SEO, how to create emails that are opened and read, best platforms for social media marketing, and all where your inquisitive brain takes you. If you have an endless urge to read, research, and gather more information about any subject, then you can easily utilize your passion for sending out fresh and meaningful articles to the world out there.

Identify your audience

Writing articles that your customers want to read is crucial and can’t be ignored. If you’re enthusiastic about writing an article but never thought about how the target audience will perceive it, then you may have a hard time. It is always better to invest time and efforts to know more about the readers. Identify their problems and try to provide the solutions or recognize what type of humor they like and write the article accordingly. Or maybe you are targeting teenagers and make it exciting and apt by using slangs and common phrases used by them, which may not be equally welcomed by the older generations. You may leverage analytics services available in the market to determine which articles are a hit or a miss with your audience.

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Prioritize relevancy

Relevancy is the key to writing great content or articles. Its importance can’t be emphasized enough as any article lacking this aspect is sure to go unnoticed. It has to be taken care of right from the beginning till you conclude the article. Start the article by keeping in mind how relevant is the topic for the target audience and your niche, all along the content maintain relevance to your objectives, contemporary solutions, and wrap up by publishing in relevant formats and distributing over relevant platforms. Also, make sure to frequently update the content so as to make it relevant to the prevailing times. It is often seen that articles gain popularity after days, months, or sometimes even years after they are published in the magazine.

Receive feedback and comments

Stay connected with your audience by optimizing the use of social media platforms and other communication channels. Motivate them to comment on your magazine articles, drop requests for what they want to read, and give feedback on the previously published issues. If you’re receiving comments and feedback for your magazine, no matter whether they are good or bad, you should be happy as you’re doing something interactive that’s gaining public reactions. What you need to do is give positive directions to these inputs by improving upon the feedback and user comments. Choose to write on a topic that majority of your readers are asking you to write on.

Learn from competitors and Innovate

Keep a close track of your competitors and gain inspiration from the leaders. Identify what are the leading magazines publishing which is helping them stand out from the crowd and gain followers. Go through their magazines, websites, social media channels, and more to step up your strategies.

Once you have the idea of what works and what not, polish your own brand and distinguish yourself by adopting innovative practices. Don’t just rest on your laurels and make sure to continually improve your magazine articles. Provide unique content with stunning infographics and color schemes. Brainstorm more idea on how you can set yourself apart from your peers or competitors.

Leverage online tools

In present times, there are numerous promising online tools that instantly present data of what’s trending. Just on a single click, you may find a list of keywords ranking high in your niche or you may quickly scan through what your target audience is searching. Once you know what your audience is up to, you’ll feel confident while writing on those topics. One of such tools is Buzzsumo that helps in identifying the most popular and trending topics in your industry. Another such tool is Alltop. It is a leading tool and saves you from all the search and findings by automatically listing out the popular topics.


Making it simpler for you, we’ve covered a list of essential points that should be considered while deciding the appealing topics for your magazine. Coming up with a great magazine article is strenuous and requires a serious investment of resources — but it’s achievable. Keep moving in the right direction and who knows there comes a time when you don’t even have to think before writing an amazing magazine article.

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