6 Effective Ways to Market Your Print Magazine in Today’s Digital World

You’ve published an outstanding print magazine with engaging articles, attractive images, and eye-catching design format. Now, what’s next? What should be the next steps to attract more users and retain the existing ones? What’s to be done to make a distinguished presence in this competitive market?

Answers to all such questions converge to one single fact, adoption of a tried and tested marketing technique flavoured with innovation and brand reflections. Once you’re up and running, it’s time to kick-start your marketing plan. But before initializing you need to carefully examine if the different existing approaches are still effective. This is essential because each year some techniques go out of style while some new trends emerge.

With content consumption methods evolving over the years, modern marketers are adopting new marketing techniques that are in tune with the present digital world. Thus, this is the perfect opportunity to choose or refresh your marketing approach and accelerate the growth of your print magazine.

Here are some of the creative ways to promote a new or existing print magazine and close more sales.

Send out for free: It may sound odd at first but it’s the trend. It is suggested to distribute a few initial free copies of the magazine to the targeted audience. You may identify and contact the organizations interested in your niche and approach them. Sending informative high-quality content at no cost will help in building your consumer base. Once interested, direct the consumers to more valuable content at reasonable pricing plans. A valuable and informative content will always be loved and read by the audience, no matter what. Just make sure that the content is captivating so as to trigger the readers for subscribing and liking your brand.

Advertise and rise: Advertising is the most common marketing techniques and is here to stay. Just the medium of presenting ads keeps on evolving with times, the contemporary marketers prefer displaying online ads in addition to the traditional flyers and cards’ distribution. You may dedicate a complete website for your magazine to inform your readers about the latest issues and special attractions. It is recommended to create your website HTML5 friendly to so as to support animations, hover effects, and various other interactive features. Consider adding native ads to your own website and also buy advertising space on other relevant platforms often approached by your readers.

Conduct promotional events: The days of boring marketing strategies are gone, modern users are looking for more. Come up to their expectations and entertain them by organizing promotional events. It can be anything like a fan fest, specific week celebration, live interview, or a general get-together. For example, if you are in the sports niche, you may organize a marathon and distribute free sweatshirts with your brand’s logo. Similarly, if you belong to the wellness niche, then it’s a good idea to organize a health campaign and make it more interactive by sharing healthy recipes and quick health tips. Or you may conduct online events wherein industry-leaders are invited to talk about various subjects of your magazine and finally get this event go live.

Deliver Emails: Always prevalent, email marketing is one of the most efficient and evergreen marketing methods. Unlike various other channels, it immediately targets the prospects or customers and provides instant benefits. Formulate an email list and delight your customers by sending targeted emails at specific intervals as and when required. You may categorize this list into potential customers, new customers, and existing customers. For example, it’s a great idea to greet a new customer by sending a welcome mail with exciting ongoing offers and discounts.

Deliberate affiliate programs: If you’re running out of money, then this is a substantial option. Utilize affiliate links by partnering with them and letting them write about your magazine. They may choose to write about your outstanding publications, attractions, or article reviews through blog posts and promotional articles.

There is one major prerequisite of this technique- you need to have a robust portfolio to convince affiliates to write for you. The practice of marketing through affiliate programs guides the prospects to your content and provides assistance with the word-of-the mouth marketing. The major attraction of this technique is that you need to pay the pre-decided share only if you convert leads obtained through their links.

Utilize social media: Connect with your readers through social media platforms. Choose the best platform from numerous available options as per your business requirements. For example, if you’re in the tourism niche, fascinate your readers by posting breath-taking destination images on Instagram and spice them up with engaging captions. At the same time, post latest offers and high-quality videos on your brand’s Facebook page. You can even share links of your print magazine’s digital version on social media for users to engage with and get hands on experience.

Are you ready?

If you desire to witness the growth of your magazine, engage readers, and gain new customers, then you need to start following creative marketing methods. Don’t stop after reading this, gear up, now’s the time, take action, and get going right away with the discussed tactics. In addition, make it a practice to continually polish and update the adopted marketing strategy as per the prevalent market trends and customer demands.

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