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mag+ is a comprehensive solution to achieve your content goals by distributing robust and attractive native apps.

mag+ lets you create engaging digital layouts, add interactivity, review designed interfaces, build branded apps, and publish across the major app stores or distribute internally.

  • Interactive content design begins in the powerful mag+ InDesign plugin.
  • Import InDesign, PDF, or HTML content to create functional apps.
  • Enrich your creations or start from scratch with efficient mag+ tools.
  • Automate app creation process with innovative mag+ production tool.
  • Utilize add on services like analytics, monetization, target messaging, and more.

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How it Works

mag+ platform offers end to end solution for the digital app publishing process. Start your creations in the mag+ plugin for Adobe InDesign and generate enriched digital layouts. Utilize automated mag+ production tool to create your app and select add on services. Publish and distribute your own white label apps to mobile phones and tablets.

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